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  • Hi, my name is Shelly Sukstorf. Foto Eleven is an Omaha based wedding and portrait photography business. I've had a love for photography that dates back to childhood. I remember being awed by the stacks of National Geographics at a neighbors house. In high school I picked up my first Pentax and was hooked. I studied commercial photography in college and would get lost in time developing images in the dark room. A great photograph is more than a picture. It's something that can take your breath away; make you think; make you nostalgic; make you laugh or bring you to tears. It is my honor to follow my passion and to capture beautiful images for others. A little more about me: I love travel, yoga, and live music. I have been an Omaha Wedding Photographer since 2010. Drop me a line and we can talk more about your photographic needs.